Dominic Cull

Dominic has extensive experience in advising on the commercial and regulatory aspects of new technology, broadcasting, and electronic communications ventures for local and international companies and policy and regulation in the ICT and telecommunications sectors, having spent 14 years advising the public and private sector on ICT legal issues.

Dominic is involved at all stages of the communications law and regulation-making process and liaises closely with, inter alia, the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA), the Department of Communications, the Department of Justice and Constitutional Development, SAPS Cybercrime Division, National Gambling Board and the Film and Publications Board on an on-going basis.

Dominic holds a B.Bus.Sci, an LLB, an LLM in Information Communication Technology and is currently busy with his LLD.

Presentation overview

The Cybercrimes and Cybersecurity Bill is currently being considered by the South African Parliament. This draft legislation – which consolidates existing legislation and international obligations while seeking to create an institutional framework around cybercrime and cybersecurity - is critical to South Africa’s ability to combat  crime and terrorism perpetrated through digital means at a domestic and international level. While there is general recognition that legislation of this type is required, many provisions of the Bill are controversial in how they attempt to balance fundamental rights to privacy and freedom of expression against law enforcement priorities. Provisions relating to “harmful communications” and “critical information infrastructure” are likely to be particularly contentious. Once finalised the Bill will have a substantial impact on corporates – especially financial service providers, cybersecurity professionals and electronic communications service providers – as well as individuals using the Internet and electronic communications generally.