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Dr Jacques Ophoff

Jacques is a senior lecturer in the department of Information Systems at UCT. His research covers a variety of topics within information systems security, with a specific focus on behavioural (human) aspects of information security. He supervises a Security & Privacy Research Group with more than a dozen active research students and has over 40 peer-reviewed publications.

Jacques holds a PhD in Information Technology from the Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University.


Jacques will be talking about Paying attention to the human factor in information security. 

Presentation overview

Despite following good governance practices and implementing security technologies organisations may still be at risk due to end-user security behaviour. Appropriate end-user behaviour can enhance information security, while inadvertent or intentional misbehaviour can significantly hamper the organisation. As attacks increasingly target end-users it is important to ensure they are educated and motivated to behave securely.

This presentation examines efforts to better understand end-user behaviour. A number of concepts and theories are examined to relate current thinking on the topic. Understanding the complexity of human behaviour, and structuring security initiatives accordingly, can help organisations transform end-users from the weakest link into an information security asset.