Samantha Rule

Samantha is currently the Global Information Security Officer for the Maitland Group, a global advisory and administration firm.

In addition to the Maitland Group, she has held positions in information security and digital forensics and worked in various industries over the years including government, telecomms, aviation, finance and higher education, both locally and abroad. 

Samantha has over 19 years’ experience in information technology, 13 of which have been in the information security domain. She holds a Masters of Science degree in Computer Science (specialising in information security), a Bachelor of Commerce Honours degree in Information Systems (specialising in computer forensics), and several information security industry certifications including CISSP and CISA.

In the past, she was secretary for the ISC(2) Cape Town chapter and was one of the organisers for the inaugural and second BSides Cape Town, a community-driven information security conference. 

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A CISO's role in preventing his or her organisation's name appearing as a headline as a result of a cyber attack or data breach.